25 Year Structural Warranty

5 year Interior Warranty

In lieu of any other warranty expressed, implied or written other than this warranty, the pool manufacturer guarantees that the Pool Shell will remain structurally sound for a period of TWENTY FIVE years from the date of first filling with water.

The term “structurally sound” means the pool shell is capable of retaining water, but does not cover faults arising from incorrect installation by another party.

This includes components like cement mix stabilised backfill and sub-surface drainage to protect your pool, must be used.

The pool coping must be covered by non-slip pavers or tiles to protect the surface and comply with building safety regulations.

Internal surface finishes are guaranteed for a period of FIVE years, against significant discolouration, fading, delamination, crazing, cracking, flaking, bubbles or lumps. Faults arising from incorrect water chemistry, algae infestation, calcium scale, airborne impurities, misuse or abuse are not covered by this warranty.

Warranty does not cover defects caused by other factors such as storm damage, poor home owner maintenance, work completed by other contractors or persons after the installer left the site, which has subsequently damaged the installation.

WARNING: Do not use a metal grinder anywhere near a pool as the sparks from the grinder will leave non-removeable stains on bottom of pool floor.

When Pool shell is delivered, the customer must inspect the shell and sign a delivered in good order form if satisfied there is no defects of shell from manufacturer’s factory or in transportation.

All other items supplied in the Kits, such as Pool Pumps, Filtration, Salt Water Chlorinators or Pool Equipment are subject to the guarantee provided by their manufacturers.